Revising the business plan of a innovative integrated planting solution for sugar cane

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With USD 15 billion annual sales and over 28,000 employees, our client is a global leader in agribusiness. The company offers integrated crop solutions of agrichemicals and seeds to growers worldwide.

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  • Our client had recently transformed its business by integrating the crop protection and seeds offers and by creating global crop-specific units.
  • Sugar cane is the smallest of them but has the highest growth potential.
  • Offers for crop protection have been the only source of revenue for this business unit, but recently the client had introduced an innovative planting solution.
  • However, it was not delivering the expected value; new revenue streams were needed in order to help support the ongoing R&D activities.


  • In order to review the client's options and develop alternatives, we:
    • Re-assessed market size and client needs, and challenged business models,
    • Designed new market offers, aligned to market and clients' needs,
    • Developed a pricing strategy, based on a client side business plan, for value capture/risk sharing options,
    • Developed a business plan based on penetration scenarios.


  • The client is able to leverage better the existing assets – production and commercial team into an integrated offer for growers.
  • An new offer was tailored addressing specific client needs: yield development, time-to-market and improved practices – and generating better value to clients through improved procedures and tailored pricing.
  • Margin for the clients allows to sustain the current R&D activities.



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