Growth Scenario Planning: Developing emerging market strategies for the global leader in agribusiness

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With USD 15 billion annual sales and over 28,000 employees, our client is a global leader in agribusiness. The company offers integrated crop solutions of agrichemicals and seeds to growers worldwide.

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  • Despite stable to declining market conditions at that time, the leadership team declared the strategy to grow profitably and gain market share.
  • A program and methodology was developed aiming to build commitment to new ambition levels – with focus on emerging markets with strong growth potential.
  • The challenge was to open the minds of the country teams to the full potential for growth – and then focus their energy and resources. This required mobilizing teams across territories to deliver real business impact.


  • "Fact books" for each market were developed, providing information and trends.
  • Carefully designed country-based workshops with the management teams, in a collaborative process, developed clear and coherent strategies and action plans.
  • The methodology used "state of the art" processes and methodologies and considered specific "way of working" and the culture of the company.
  • The clarity of the ambition, strategy and action plans, built through GSP, created a sense of purpose for the country teams.


  • The countries committed to an revenue growth which in average was double the original 5 year plan – resulting in a significant market share improvement.
  • The GSP initiative built passion, belief and huge energy in participating country management teams who are planning and budgeting to achieve significant targets. GSP increased the ambition and the success – and a real "can do" mindset was created.



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