Strategic Agenda: Implementing a strategy framework for the EAME region of the global leader in agribusiness

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With USD 15 billion annual sales and over 28,000 employees, our client is a global leader in agribusiness. The company offers integrated crop solutions of agrichemicals and seeds to growers worldwide.

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  • In a challenging market, the European leadership team had declared an ambition to grow and out-pace the competition – profitably.
  • In a region characterized by cultural diversity, market differences, and crop complexity, the management recognized that success would depend on the time-to-market – the ability to take decisions and implement them without delay.


  • In order to achieve this, a methodology based on the "Balanced Scorecard" concept was developed in a collaborative way with the European management.
  • The approach was focused on building leadership alignment, simplifying the strategy into an actionable form and creating clarity for all staff.
  • The strategy was defined by agreeing the five most critical business activity areas and commitment achieved on drivers, performance indicators and action plans.


  • The strategic agenda led to a release of potential with real impact, for example:
    • A portfolio of product opportunities successfully federating opportunities for significant sales growth across country boundaries,
    • A comprehensive "gap analysis" identified significant sales potential in markets where the company was not yet present at that time,
    • Development and implementation of marketing and sales capabilities (channel effectiveness and efficiency, field force effectiveness, CRM),
    • Capability development and succession assessments for critical roles.



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