Strategy, market entry & growth

It is a company's purpose to position itself in the market in a way to optimize revenue and profit. In understanding market and competition, evaluating strategic alternatives, and developing a sustainable business model it lays the foundations for future success. Decisions about the right product and service portfolio, an effective distribution setup and a solid operational strategy have to be considered carefully and tailored to the local environment.

Berlin Group works with its clients to define their strategy and develop a business model that is most appropriate for the local environment. We have the expertise in combining and balancing global strengths with those capabilities which are essential to be successful in Latin America.

We support companies in the following topics:

  • Market and competitive assessment
  • Market entry
  • Strategy development, strategic planning, business planning
  • Mergers & Acquisition, target selection and due diligence
  • Portfolio development and management
  • Organizational optimization
  • Marketing and sales strategy, After-sales
  • Location strategies
  • CEO & Board agenda



About Us

We offer our clients the quality, insights and professionalism of a top consulting firm, combined with high assignment flexibility and the competitive price point of a boutique.

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