Turning around the program of Finance-related initiatives for the regional roll-out of a global SAP implementation

Our client

With USD 15 billion annual sales and over 28,000 employees, our client is a global leader in agribusiness. The company offers integrated crop solutions of agrichemicals and seeds to growers worldwide.

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  • Our client underwent a large SAP implementation for one of its business units with impact on all business and support processes in order to simplify and harmonize the systems landscape across the company.
  • The client had set up the initiative following common program management standards, however, in practice the program faced several issues leading to delays and budget overruns.
  • We were asked to come in at a very late stage and help to recover the most critical initiatives.


  • In a first step we conducted interviews with all key program stakeholders and developed a realistic view of where the program stood
  • The we prioritized all initiatives, re-planned them and identified the resource needs for completing them.
  • We then re-allocated project resources to complete the most critical initiatives (e.g. those that fulfilled legal requirements) and handed over less important projects to the respective business owners.


  • Despite of our involvement at a very late stage, the most critical initiatives were recovered and completed in time.
  • We contributed with proposals of how to improve planning and delivery of such complex program for future initiatives.



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