Program managing the implementation of a digital signage network across four countries for a leading European retail bank on behalf of the solution supplier

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With four offices worldwide, our client is a retail-marketing agency specializing in Total Store Messaging solutions for retail banks. It is the global leader in this area and its digital signage platform supports networks from 70 to 3,000 branches. The company integrates digital signage with the latest interactive, tablet and mobile technologies.

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  • Our client was contracted by this leading European bank to install a digital signage network across four countries and ~800 bank branches.
  • The project faced a number of issues due to its high complexity (4 countries and languages, multiple and underperforming vendors, unsuitable technical solutions, complex contractual setup) leading to delays and cost increases.
  • We were asked to structure and manage the program before handing it over.


  • In a first step we solved key issues ("backlog"), increased effectiveness of issues management and brought future number of new issues to an acceptable level.
  • Then, we established processes to deal with day-to-day activities: Standard procedures were defined and implemented for branch surveys, installations, de-installations, support & maintenance, helpdesk, software updates, inventory management, invoicing, financial reporting, contract management.


  • Despite the complexity, and the initial issues, the project was installed as scheduled in 10 months (20 branches per week and country).
  • On a day-to-day basis the digital signage system for the four-country network was supported on a day-to-day basis.
  • For both, set-up and operations, the clients time commitment to this specific project was reduced significantly, freeing-up resources.
  • Many of the processes were considered best-in-class and defined as company-standard for all projects.



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