Planning and setting up an innovative virtual-world technology and organizing a global onboarding event in this environment

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With USD 400 billion revenues and over 80,000 employees this oil and gas multinational is one of the largest companies globally. It is vertically integrated, being present in exploration and production, refining, distribution and marketing, petrochemicals, power generation, trading and renewable energy.

The client operates production facilities and service stations in 80 countries.

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  • Our client run every year an event for onboarding all of its 2nd year graduates globally across all business units.
  • However, every year this event faced a number of issues, in particular limited participation and high costs.
  • To meet the original objectives, it was decided to revise the setup and create a technology-based virtual event.


  • Based on a innovative virtual world, a concept was developed consisting of regional meetings and group-based case study work.
  • We managed the project by coordinating the development of the technology and the case study as well as the preparation of all local activities in 30 sites worldwide.
  • Also, we promoted the new setup with senior leaders to guarantee high participation rates.


  • The technology-based event was seen as a great success with high participation rates and satisfaction due to:
    • The use of innovative, cutting edge technology,
    • A relevant case study allowing the development of virtual working skills
    • Involvement of the most senior leaders of the company,
    • Complementary regional events to allow personal networking.



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